Monday, June 29, 2015

Get up: Stand up

In yesterday's sermon, Sarah Watts encouraged us to stand up. Get up. The implication is: move out.

The church is in this very interesting time when less and less focus is being placed on what we do "here" -- meaning churchy things in church -- and more on what we do "out there" in the world. I believe many people are already practicing their baptism in their daily lives: showing compassion, listening, building up, contributing, visiting the sick and praying. Can we do it more? Absolutely. And we can start claiming we are doing, not to seek reward but to build momentum and encourage others. 

Doing churchy things in church is of course much easier to measure. We can count heads and committees and list them in reports -- not bad things at all -- but it reminds us how hard it is to measure all of the other things, especially when no one is watching. 

As we grow in our relationship with God, seeing the hand of Jesus is visible and hidden ways in our lives, may we remember to stand up. Get up. Move out our world and discover a need, feed a passion, fill a gap, and make the broken whole. Claim it. Share it.

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