Saturday, May 27, 2017

Wisdom from Mary Oliver and Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer quotes this wonderful poem from Mary Oliver:

"Nobody knows what the soul is. 
It comes and goes/like the wind over water."

He goes on to say this: (The Journey Toward an Undivided Live) 

But just as we can name the functions of the wind, so we can name some of the functions of the soul without presuming to penetrate its mystery:

The soul wants to keep us rooted in the ground of our own being, resisting the tendency of other faculties, like the intellect and ego, to uproot us from who we are. 

The soul wants to keep us connected to the community in which we find life, for it understands that relationships are necessary if we are to thrive. 

The soul wants to tell us the truth about ourselves, our world, the relationship between the two, whether that truth is easy or hard to hear. 

The soul wants to give us life and wants to pass that gift along, to become life giving in a world that deals too much with death.