Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten Reasons for being a Reluctant Christian: Ten Reasons to Overcome them

This Wednesday evening ends our first session of our 'Living in Faith' series in the Chapel from 7-8 p.m. 

In the concluding chapter David Yount restates in his Growing in Faith: A Guide for the Reluctant Christian what many us know: there are many reasons why we should not believe, yet we do. Let me sum up the ten:

1. Don't let church conflict or disagreements turn you off. The root of conflict is difference. Find a community that speaks to you.
2. We do not prove God's existence: God affirms ours. We spend a life pursuing God while God pursues us. Slow down and allow God to catch you.
3. Don't let organized religion put you off. Clergy are more likely to bore you than scandalize you. (I like that one) 
4. For those who don't "join" groups: get over it. We all need to be connected.
5. Leaving our options opens. Allowing our children to choose their religion.  Hogwash.  Choose. Child can handle truth.
6. Speaking of truth: mixing religions makes for a bad recipe. Better than mix and match, allow each faith to be whole. You must choose (see the pattern?). 
7. God already sent you a personal invitation. Open your mail.
8. Christians will always let us down. Jesus gets that.
9. "The Wager": what if all of this is not true or real? Live a Christian life not as a bet for an afterlife but a way to live a full one here and now.
10. We may not always be happy: life is cruel. But we can all love and serve. And that is enough.  

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