Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Just using this space to ask if we have reached a turning point in this nation after last weekend's violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and the President's mixed messages that are being taken by neo-Nazis, members of the K.K.K. and white supremacists as tacit support.  But there have been an abundance of turning points and straws that never seem to break the camel's back.  

Hate is hate.  Violence is violence.  And the hatred, racism and anti-Semitism of some will bring out rage and fear in others.  The flames are being stoked.  It is hard to face hatred with peaceful resistance.  

We are not all equipped and called to march and attend vigils. Some people pray.  Others write letters to political leaders.  Some speak out among friends and office workers.  Others channel goodness back into the world in quiet ways that few see.  Their actions will not make the news or be re-tweeted.  

We are all created in God's image.  We can not go backward -- we must more forward in creating the Beloved Community imagined by Martin Luther King, Jr.  

Both sides? Many sides?  President Trump: there is only one side we can choose.  The side of Jesus.  The side of justice, inclusion, peace and hope.  

God help us.  No, really: God help us through this moment. 

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